Cloud unified communication and collaboration tools that help your business stay connected and productive.  UC-One keeps you connected to everyone and everything.


Keeping your employees connected from wherever they happen to be working, is critical to achieving your goals.

Too many apps to collaborate with and a mobile and dispersed workforce can create fragmented communications experiences that result in poor teamwork, broken processes and slow responses to customers.

Keep it simple with one tool that lets you call, message and meet from anywhere and any device.


TSC utilizes Broadsoft® UC-Onea suite of communications and collaboration apps that let you call, message, and meet with anyone from any device.

It’s HD video, voice, messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and conferencing in a single easy-to-use cloud application that integrates with your business apps.

You choose how you want to work! On your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Simplify your life with full blown collaboration when you’re not at your desk. Your employees have unique work styles and tastes, so why not let them use the tools they love, so they can do their very best?

BroadSoft® UC-One apps work across laptops, desktops, smartphone and tablets, giving you the ultimate communications experience from any of your devices, in the office or out.

It’s fully integrated with your corporate directory and other business tools. A quick search gets you to the right person. One swipe gets you to the right email or document.


Why carry around two mobile phones when you can use just one for both personal and professional use?

UC-One’s unique "dual persona" lets you place and receive calls with your work number on your favorite device. Friends and family see one name and number, while business associates see another.

Never miss an important meeting when you’re on the go.

UC-One Meet gets you into the conference call with one touch. No more fumbling or frustration while looking for dial-in numbers and access codes. You can calmly attend conference calls on time and without hassles, wherever you happen to be.


Don’t let the limitations of your current mobile phone get in your way.

UC-One brings important business capabilities to your mobile phone, so you can effectively run your business while on the go.

This includes multi-line capabilities, mid-call features such as transfer and hold full access to your corporate directory so that you can instantly call or message, and even auto attendant features - who has to know you don't have a physical office?

And of course, you get both HD voice and video for the highest quality communications experience.


Face to face meetings are a luxury these days, but with UC-One’s brilliant HD video, you can meet as effectively as when you’re in the same room.

Whether you’re in a conference room, at your desk, or on your mobile, we’ve made it exceptionally easy for everyone to join in engaging video meetings that truly keep your employees connected.