Business Broadband is a shared, high-bandwidth method for small office and home office businesses (SOHO) to connect their local area networks (LANs) with the public Internet and streamline the performance of their wide area network (WAN). Business Broadband has many advantages over standard high-speeds connections, including economically priced business phone and high-speed internet bundles for companies not yet ready for an Enterprise DIA connection.


As many businesses rely on their broadband connections for daily operations, it is vital that if something goes wrong, help will be quickly available. Business broadband subscribers get priority over home users for technical support.


As well as offering lower contention ratios, our business broadband packages provide faster shared connection speeds and available speed configurations. Faster speeds are crucial for any business running their own website, for keeping in contact with staff or clients via email, sending or receiving large files, and a number of other web-based operations.


Business broadband packages generally offer more generous download allowances than home packages. While many home broadband packages will limit the amount of data you may download each month, this can be impractical for business use. Businesses which run their own websites, send or receive large files, or use there connection heavily each day will need a large, or unlimited download limit.


Business users will want different things from their broadband than home users, which may include things that just aren’t possible with a home connection. For example you might want to run your own email and web servers, access your PC from anywhere, or secure access to work or other remote networks. You can’t do these things with domestic broadband because a static IP address is required, but business broadband packages will provide one for free or very cheaply. In addition, a business broadband package may include email accounts, wireless routers or modems, access to Wi-Fi hotspots and more.