The term "cloud" is fast becoming the new normal. The cloud revolution opens up a whole new world of growth and innovation for businesses. The “as-a-service” economy gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best while building a team of cloud experts around you who support you in achieving your business communication goals.
Where in the past your business relied upon on-site phone systems, cloud-based communications allow businesses of all sizes to consolidate their communications infrastructure, integrate applications and reduce the cost and complexity of their telephone systems.


Moving to the cloud brings natural economies of scale. With the cloud you avoid major capital outlays for equipment, so you can keep your cash, or use it to grow your business, rather than buying an on-premise phone system.

Cloud-based solutions reduce your IT staffing costs significantly and bring our team of experts on duty 24/7 to monitor performance.


Business disruptions come in many forms. The cloud keeps you protected from all forms of disruption, whether natural or otherwise.

It’s tough to make a call when your on-premise phone system is under water or the power is off. But with cloud services from TSC, your system is out of harm’s way. All you need is internet access or a smartphone to make and receive calls. And your cloud system auto attendant will handle all the incoming call routing needs for your business.


Cloud costs are paid as monthly operational expenses.

A pay-as-you-go and pay-for-what-you-need operating expense model (OpEX) can serve your business far better than a capital expense (CapEX) model that requires budgeting for large upfront investments.

If your business grows, or you need to adjust up or down for seasonal changes, let TSC change your service  to match your business needs. Buy only what you need, when you need it.


The cloud is built for today's mobile workforce. Because your business is more than just a place - it's your employees. And keeping them connected is critical to achieving your goals - from wherever they happen to be.

Publish one number and all your calls will follow to the device of your choice. With "dual persona" all you need is one mobile phone for both business and personal calling. Business associates see one number, while friends and family see another.


The cloud gives all employees access to all corporate systems, applications, and tools – regardless of location, time zone or device.

Need to open a new office? Anywhere? TSC has you covered. Using BroadSoft, a global cloud communications provider serving businesses in more than 80 countries, all you need is network connectivity and your phone numbers and you are ready to open that new office - anywhere.


If yours is a multi-national, multi-state, or multi-city business you need to operate as a single, unified network, with the flexibility for local, autonomous control.

You need consistent, high-quality service and call routing optimized for all your points of presence. You need the power to monitor performance across the network, and the confidence you don’t have to.

TSC is your cloud provider who goes where business takes you and always has you covered.


Cloud communications enable you to streamline your business processes by integrating with other cloud applications you use to run your business.
To keep things simple for your IT teams and your employees, let TSC include pre-built integrations with some of the most popular apps your employees use everyday, like email, file storage, social and CRM, giving you instant access to important information and removing the chaos of app switching and searching.


When it comes to mission critical cloud communications, businesses of all types and sizes are concerned about security.

Cloud security is constantly being strengthened, and it is our first priority; from the way we select our products, to the way we handle your data connections and run our business.

State and local government agencies around the area trust in TSC to protect their business communications with our best practices around cloud security.


When you run your own servers, you need to buy more hardware than you need in case of failure.

Being in the cloud means TSC is looking after your infrastructure so why not let the cloud deal with the redundancy requirement?

Every server in each of our data centers is fully redundant to make sure your business stays online.


Contact centers are highly variable, demand-driven operations. Miss peak demand, you lose. Staff to peak demand, you go broke. Face high agent turnover, you go mad.
Cloud gives you choices, control and the kind of real-time analytics you need to respond pro-actively to your next contact center emergency.