Enterprise DIA (Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access) is a continuous, high-bandwidth method for enterprises to connect their local area networks (LANs) with the public Internet and streamline the performance of their wide area network (WAN).

Enterprise DIA is an alternative to legacy technologies—such as T1 lines, frame relay and ATM—that typically rely on bonding multiple T1 lines or fractional T3 lines. These legacy WAN links cannot handle escalating bandwidth requirements for cloud computing, business continuity, business process automation, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other applications.


Enterprise DIA performs consistently day in and day out. Enterprise DIA is provided as a rated speed, not an "up to" speed. This is different than “shared” connections, where the speed your company purchases is the maximum speed you will receive. With shared connections, the actual speed is unpredictable and fluctuates throughout the day, depending on network traffic.

Enterprise DIA  is like having your own personal lane on the Internet, as opposed to sharing the same traffic lanes as everyone else. If you've used the internet before, you know that at certain times of the day traffic becomes congested. Even express lanes, like “business class”, aren’t always a sure thing. But with an Enterprise DIA dedicated lane, you have available to you exactly the speed you were guaranteed.


If your company purchases a 100M Enterprise DIA circuit, both your download and upload speed/bandwidth are always guaranteed at 100M.

Fast upload speed is important if your company has a lot of remote users, cloud apps, VoIP, etc.

Less expensive, shared Internet connections typically have a fast download speed and a significantly slower upload speed. For instance, it’s common to see an inexpensive shared Internet connection with a maximum download speed of 100M and a maximum upload speed of only 10M.


Enterprise DIA traffic is prioritized over business broadband and residential services, assuring that access to the network is guaranteed.  The result is that the speed and quality of your connection won't be affected by other customers' usage patterns, and won't slow down at busy times of day, keeping your business up and running smoothly.


Enterprise DIA circuits come with a significantly better guaranteed response time than our inexpensive, shared business, Internet connections. ISP’s typically provide a 4-hour guaranteed response time for Enterprise DIA trouble tickets and a 24-hour guaranteed response time for shared Internet connection trouble tickets.

If your company has an Enterprise DIA circuit, rest assured your issue is a much higher priority than a standard shared Internet access circuit.